Saturday, September 26, 2009

Go to the LIGHT!!!!

The following was sent to me today, and the author's name is Becky McClendon. What the Lord shared with her is a very precious and timely application of His Truth.
My friend, Brenda Davis sent the following re: Becky.
"She posted it on Facebook and I told her that I was going to share it. I'm sure that's what she wanted...a bit of info on her ..she's a retired teacher , grandmother, photographer, writer, musician (pianist)...very likable...lives in Houston TX."
I pray you are blessed today~

Go to the LIGHT!!!!

Yesterday as I was loading my car to take off to New Mexico I looked up and saw a humming bird frantically flying into the fluorescent lights trying to get out. I immediately turned OFF the lights to force the bird to get to the open garage door and be able to escape. I made several attempts by waving my hands and waving my sweater toward him, and all the while, I was saying, "Come on...go to the LIGHT..go to the LIGHT."

The Lord reminded me of something through this "lesson"...the hummingbird had become entrapped. He then became frantic and confused trying to find the way of escape. He was attracted to the artificial light and had I driven off without rescuing him he would have probably beaten himself to death against windows and lights trying to get to the LIGHT...the TRUE LIGHT. In this world, we battle entrapments from the enemy ...we are easily deceived...political deception, propaganda flying everywhere,...we fly into a place that looks like a neat place to explore, only to find we lose our bearings and cannot find the way out. We start running to ARTIFICIAL LIGHT through man made worship experiences, programs, made philosophies and movements...not knowing that if we are left there we will hurt ourselves trying to "get to the light" that has appeared in front of us. Satan comes to us every day as an "Angel of light" causing us to place all hope and expectation in some vain philosophy.

The door is closing....God is saying GO TO THE LIGHT. GO TO THE LIGHT. Do we feel His fanning? trying to detract us from running to artificial light? Then he TURNS OFF those lights! and it gets DARK except for one small place. GO TO THE LIGHT...GO TO THE LIGHT...he beats his wings and waves His holy train...GO TO THE LIGHT. The door is closing. WHOM will you believe? Powerful politicians spreading truths which are NOT MY TRUTH? or will you believe ME? I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. It is either Life or Death. Light or Darkness...which will it BE. WHOM will you sing praise songs ME or MAN?
Amen and AMEN
Becky McLendon

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