Monday, October 5, 2009

Deeper Is Higher

Beloved, I pray you hear and feel Father's heart for you~ Do not despair. He sees all that you are going through right now...and He IS shaping you and conforming you to the image of His Son.
As Daddy gave me His Words this morning that "Deeper IS Higher"....I sat to type as He gave me the following. Ever yours in Christ, Crista

"Have you not seen? Have you not heard that the Lord, Our God, is One God?....Beloved, why do you run to and fro trying to find Me in others, when I AM right here? I AM with you for I have promised to never ever, no, not ever leave you or forsake you! Your God is FOR YOU!
I AM FOR YOU! I stand with My arms outstretched to you. Run, I say, RUN into My arms for I love you with an everlasting love. Know this, My Beloved, that everything through which I take you in your life on the earth, I shall use for My Glory...for My Ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts.
Do you trust Me? Do you trust Me? Then allow Me to do the work; knowing always that I am even now working on your behalf, My Beloved. You do not need to see the end from the beginning...but I do. I just ask that you trust Me in this that I, WHO have promised you, am Faithful and True. I AM ABLE TO DO EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY BEYOND WHAT YOU COULD THINK, HOPE FOR, OR IMAGINE....FOR I AM GOD!
You do not know, Beloved, what it will take for Me to form you into the image of My Son...But I do...I do. Trust Me in this. I Alone, Your God, know what it will take to form you into the image of My Son...not the image of someone whom you idolize in what you think is of Me...and some of them are....but you are to look to Me and Me, Alone. I AM YOUR DADDY! I AM YOUR HEAVENLY PAPA! I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA! I AM THE BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR! I AM YOUR ALL IN ALL! I LONG TO BE YOUR ALL IN ALL!
Do not look to others in what I have done in them for your own life. For I have created you with a uniqueness that is all My own. I do not "rubber stamp" My children. Each of you have My own special plan and purpose for your life. But do you trust ME to perform it? Do you trust ME that I have your best interest at heart for the sake of My Kingdom Glory and your relationship with ME? That is what I desire, My Beloved, your relationship with Me as Your Daddy. But you look to the world....You look to others.....You look and you do not find...Your soul is not satisfied, because I have created you that only One will satisfy you...and that is ME, My Beloved...for I AM A JEALOUS GOD! O, how I long for you....O, how I long for you to cry out to Me.
Beloved, have I not promised you that deep calls unto deep? It is in the depths that I will take you that you will find new heights. A tree which is tall and sturdy has deep, deep roots. Can you imagine the depth to the roots of the giant Sequoias or the Redwoods? Beloved, I am an inverse God...but the god of this universe seeks to deceive you that higher is higher. But lo, I tell you the Truth, that deeper is higher. It is in going deeper with Me that I shall give you the treasures of darkness. It is in going deeper with Me that I shall carry you on the wings of eagles. It is in going deeper with Me that I Beloved, it is My deep desire that you and I are one....but you must leave the world behind....
You must leave behind all that you thought was...and come to THE ONE WHO IS! Come to Me, My Beloved, and I will show you great and wonderful truths which I long to reveal to you in greater depth....for I WILL REVEAL MYSELF TO YOU IN WAYS WHICH YOU COULD NOT POSSIBLY IMAGINE.
It is only in Me that you will find the fullness for which I have created you...that we live and move and have our being together....O Beloved, I desire to be with you, more than you desire to be with Me...for your mind does not comprehend the relationship in store for you...for this is something that will never be comprehended in the flesh, but only in the My Spirit.
My Love, I call you....I call you to the cleft of the Rock....I call you to the depths of My heart for you....
May His blessings be yours in Christ Jesus,

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