Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Rose in Winter

"A Rose in Winter"

Crista Simmons 9/24/15

"Come with Me as we make our way through the waist deep, soft, fluffy snow."
The air is crisp; our breath hanging like lace curtains against a backdrop of sunlit blue sky.
"Come with Me, for I have a surprise for you; something you would never think you would ever see during a season such as this."

"Come over here, My love.  I know the fierce winter winds which have howled against your soul like a pack of hyenas closing in for their kill.
I know it is difficult to find food in the frozen earth below,
yet your body was not ready for such a hearty fill.
So I opened My hand to allow you to eat the tiny grains of mustard seed ;
cupped and protected for you only.

You have felt helpless and alone, with no where to go.
But I tell you the truth, I have never left your side; even when you thought I wasn't there.

Look before you, My love.
Do you see this gorgeous pink rose?
Roses don't normally grow in winter, do they.
See how tender it's petals are.
Look at its diamonds sparkling in the sun."
"This is IMPOSSIBLE!," you exclaim.

"I want you to look very closely, My love; for this is how I see you. 
The tender, soft petals represent your heart.
The diamonds are the tears which I've seen you cry when you thought no one was watching.
You are a beautiful, radiant rose who has endured this winter of your life.
For you are far more beautiful to Me than you think you are.
Yet it is My loving and never-ending thoughts of you
 which consume Me with every beat of My heart.

I AM your Faithful and True Lover of your heart and soul.
I hold your heart as tenderly in My hands as you would a fallen bird.

You look upon the beauty of this rose in disbelief.
You are astounded, and with tears softly trailing down your cheeks,
you can only wonder how this can be.

It is because nothing is impossible with Me.
I AM THE ONE who makes you whole.
I AM THE ONE who gives you beauty for your ashes.
I AM THE ONE who tenderly wraps you in My garment of praise for your spirit of heaviness.
I AM THE ONE who has delivered you.

I AM THE ONE who loves you with an everlasting love, and nothing, absolutely nothing, separates you from My love; both for now and forever.
You My Precious child are My Rose in Winter."
Your Forever Love,

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