Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just Let Me

~With permission, I am posting a dream given to a family member and Brother in Christ, Dave Hiemstra. His wife, Kathy, sent it out yesterday. I pray your heart is encouraged in this. This really says it all....nothing to add.

I just wanted to share a dream that Dave had the other night. It was right after we had prayed and he was asking God to give us dreams and visions. Dave always said that he never dreamed at night but when he does dream, he has fantastic God-given dreams. (Me, I always dream but they usually have to do with what I saw or read before I fall asleep. Mostly they are just nonsense!)

In his dream, many of us were walking down a country road where the sky was huge above us and there were large hills on the landscape. He said gigantic figures began to form in the sky, one at a time and they were people. He said when the first one appeared, those on the road began to say “Look it’s John” or “No, it is Peter”. The figure would swoop over us a few times and we were fearful as it was so large and then it woould go down behind the hill and as we approached the hill, everyone was fearful, but the figure appeared up over the hill and had a loving and welcoming smile - Nothing to be fearful of.

Next Dave said a gigantic angel appeared in the sky and swooped over us and was so glittery and sparkly. It had gigantic wings. These figures would leave huge vapor trails and the whole world could see them. Next Jesus appeared in the sky in the same fashion. As He swooped by you could see two little girls in the trail of his vapor with their heads laid back and just enjoying riding in the wake of His passing. Dave said everyone started running after Jesus and wanting to join the little girls, everyone crying out to Jesus to carry them also.

Dave said he started to be lifted up in the wake but then began to doubt that it was real and felt himself hitting the ground. He said “Jesus, I want you to lift me like the others” and Jesus said, “Just let me!”, and then Dave was lifted and riding (floating) with the others behind Jesus. He said there was such joy and happiness and even a smell of what he described as mint all around. He said when he woke up he could still smell the fragrance and wanted to wake me up and ask me if I smelled it too. He said he just could not describe the beauty and splendor of it all.

I think what really stood out to Dave was that Jesus said “Just let me!” This spoke to us both about how we struggle and fight against all our thoughts and fears and Jesus is there just waiting for us to let go and let Him!

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