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URGENT or ETERNAL: A Call for Empty Hands

I thought this is excellent....and truly "meaty".....Chew slowly....I know so many in the Body of Christ who've been dealing with a lot of pressing issues lately, so this is very timely. Our God IS an on-time God! His mercies are new every morning....and in the evening, too! This is a Word in dues season.
God bless you, dear hearts!

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I believe that because something heavenly is emerging and birthing the kingdom of darkness rouses situations and emergent circumstances to distract our attention and response away from it.

It is theft.

Let's call it what it is.

URGENT or ETERNAL: A Call for Empty Hands

August 17, 2009

Is It Urgent or Eternal?

Emptying Our Hands for the Lord

Recently a friend who feels tasked with writing a book asked me how I find time to write because life constantly presents so much urgent stuff. I was shocked by my own answer but relieved by it at the same time. Regarding all of the urgent stuff I said, "Ignore it." Shocking!

This is something that I have learned: The Urgent is the enemy of the Eternal.

Have you noticed that when God gives you a vision of an Eternal mission or purpose all of earth and all of hell begin to kick up a fuss? Statistically this is impossible to ignore and perhaps it is more revelatory than we know. Could it be that the intensity which you are bombarded with distraction and opposition is an indicator of the degree of Eternal Significance God has placed upon that which you are called to do or called to become? I am sure of it.

When God asks us to participate in His heavenly initiatives we must be free to give ourselves and all of our attention to Him. We must be free to respond to Him and to be responsible which in fact means "able to respond." We are so privileged to be invited and included in what He is doing.

Watchman Nee says it sublimely; he encourages us to empty ourselves of all that would put any restriction on our response to God. He instructs that we must not have "anything in hand" that would prevent us from using our hands to do the work of the Lord. He tells us that we must stand before the Lord with open and empty hands waiting to respond to His word, his call, His movement.

It follows that we have to watch what we react to and we must carefully consider things that we pick up. So often we are reactive to most anything that impacts us. This often is an emotional response and we have come to see it as loving and Christian. So, the enemy uses this to keep many totally preoccupied with reacting emotionally to needs, to crises, to news. It is a form of bondage. Are we the sons and daughters of God to be led by the urgent, the seemingly needful, the popular? Jesus said, "One thing is needful." Him.

In regard to urgent things we have to ask ourselves, "Who determines urgency?" Typically it is the person presenting the scenario, the one calling on the phone, the one displaying the most emotional reaction. The squeaky wheel gets the grease more often than not. How many squeaky wheels have we oiled with the anointing that God has poured upon our lives? We pour out and pour out in our emotional reactions and then we find we feel spent and burnt out.

For years I have asked the Lord about His late arrival at the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. I am not challenging Him; I just want to get the revelation if you know what I mean. One layer of revelation in the seemingly delayed response of Jesus is that He determines urgency. He sets the times and the seasons; our part is to discern them. He is the Christ, the anointed One, who is fully submitted to the Father. He only says what the Father is saying, He only speaks what He hears the Father speak, He only moves as the Father moves. Let it be on earth as it is in heaven.

I really believe, and by the way I have learned the hard way, that all of our responses are for Him.
Romans 6:13 instructs us to yield and submit all of our selves-every aspect of our beings-to Him for His use, and He will use us as His instruments of righteousness. And Lord, let us not incline our ears to another!

I believe that because something heavenly is emerging and birthing the kingdom of darkness rouses situations and emergent circumstances to distract our attention and response away from it. It is theft. Let's call it what it is.

I believe this need to discern the difference between the urgent and the eternal is what Jesus talked about when He said all that business about leaving your father and mother and such. He spoke in parables, I believe--since He led by example and He never left His precious mother unattended to. Think of Him calling out to John from the Cross, "John, My man, take care of My Mother!" I believe He means that to birth Eternal things and moves of God and Heavenly initiatives we must 'leave' the clambering, urgent, fussy, and sometimes even what others deem important.

The organizational strategist Steven Covey says, "Don't get caught up in the thick of thin things."

We, as Spirit-led sons and daughters of God must stop reacting! We must quiet our spirits in His Presence and ask "Lord, how are You RESPONDING to this situation?" Then when we allow His response to flow through us heaven comes to earth and His will is manifested.

Sometimes we over manage our own lives. We want to manage our time, our relationships, our careers, our children and their lives... I have been a miserable failure at this! So, I have turned it over to His responsibility. His care is perfect and He loves my children more than I do. He loves them perfectly.

Being free of feeling responsible for everything that goes on around me---and free from making certain people are happy and happy with me---well--it is freedom. I can attest that since He has brought me into this place all of my relationships are blessed and so is the work that I do.

I am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him---and that's everything.

So, having said all of that... You really need to be free to do all that He is calling you to do in this season of harvest. Take your liberty from all that He reveals to you is hindering you from the task. Sometimes we stay on the Path of Life that He has for us by way of what we are willing to ignore. Either He is the Master, or the urgent things are the master. It is a call to toughness in a way. Or discipline.

Press on!

Love and Jesus,


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