Thursday, July 8, 2010

Off the Back Burner

Dear Blog Friends,
Forgive me for not writing over these past couple months, but there was a serious physical situation for which I needed fairly emergent surgery. I am doing well now in my recuperation and (I think) not feeling quite so fuzzy brained from anesthesia and pain meds.

God is stirring my heart to begin writing again and through a very precious Sister in Christ, He's confirmed some other things to of which is continuing to press on with this blog.
I don't know about you, but "going through stuff" often takes me to a point of re-evaluation...
And at the point He was stirring my heart to write....and I was praying about even continuing....
He sent His encouraging word through a dear Sister.

I don't know about you...but for me....I get to the point of asking, "Is this really worth it?"...whether I'm deciding how often to dust and mop the floors (cough, cough....)...or taking that extra trip to the grocery store...or writing....Whatever it may be. Evaluation is a really good thing when done rightly before the Lord. He understands when we ask Him, "Lord, do You want me to continue with ________(fill in the blank)?" For He IS Faithful, merciful, kind and compassionate....and He WILL give us His answer as we wait upon Him.

So, it's time....Time to get off the back burner and back to the front lines....
He's stirring my heart....and I await His further direction.....These past couple months have been a deeper revelation of His abiding love and mercies - which are new every morning...from everlasting to everlasting.
Much love and blessings always,


  1. Hi, you've got a reader from Sweden today. Like your style. And the title of your blog. Also curious about Olivia Reitz Long. Nice to have you in the front lines. Hope to share Lord's dinner. GBY /Göran

  2. Dear Göran,
    Bless your heart for writing...and welcome! I pray the Lord ministers to your heart as He desires...that He ministers to all our hearts that we become the image of Christ.
    RE: Olivia Rietz Long...I have no idea. It is possible that she is still available via Bill Somer's ETPV web site, but the last time I looked, everything was still on hold after Bill's unexpected death.
    I would be so grateful if you would let me know how you found my blog.
    May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you.
    Ever yours in Christ,
    Crista Simmons

  3. RE: Olivia Rietz Long....You can find her most recent postings at: www.ft111/com
    In there you will find a column on the left side. Scroll down until you find "Where Eagles Gather". The only problem is that you can't do a search of her name at the Faith Tabernacle site....So, probably the best way to find her April 2010 posting is to Google her name:
    Olivia Rietz Long...and you'll go from there.


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