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Hopelessly in Love with You

Hopelessly in Love with You
Jan 22, 2005 2:20 am
Via Priscilla Van Sutphin

from Ruach Elohim…
“Every minute of the day, I am interceding for you. Every hour of the day My thoughts turn towards you. Every time even a sparrow falls to the ground, I know it and feel it. How much more than a sparrow are you worth to Me? There is NOTHING that escapes My eyes My beloveds. There is nothing you feel, that I don’t feel !
Yes, I said, I feel your pain. I feel your disappointments. I feel your loneliness. We are intimately connected through your spirit man. My Spirit lives in YOU. So I feel what YOU FEEL! That deposit gives you the ability to come in touch with MY POWER, when you feel left out, or left behind, or hurt, or abused and rejected. I know every tear you cry and they are collected in a bottle. Imagine for a moment that you are ME, and you felt all that! Imagine how My heart aches knowing the daily things you must bear for My sake ? Nothing escapes My view. I AM El Rohi – the God Who Sees.

I saw and heard Hagar’s cries in the desert when she ran away. I felt her loneliness and rejection…and I went to her to comfort and give her instructions and HOPE. I want you to be My prisoners of hope. I AM YOUR HOPE. So when you stop in that pain, and focus on ME, then you can be comforted by Me.

In that moment of anguish and pain, I AM YOUR HOPE. I AM YOUR COMFORTER. I AM El Rachum – The Compassionate One. I send the Comforter to all who weep and all who are in distress, when they belong to ME, or when they cry out to Me.

When David was in distress, he learned to cry out to ME, and I gave him strength through his praises to overcome the bear, the lion, the giant in the land. I will do the same for you. I am not partial. I don’t only do it for some. I answer the desperate pleas of the faithful.

Daniel cried out, but it took time for the archangel to get through to him, with all the battle over his area. But then he was blessed beyond his imagination. I am about to bring much comfort to My prisoners of hope, who have held on and held on through the trials and testings for the hope they have had for promises I’ve given them.

I am not a man that I should lie, nor a son of man that I should change My mind. There are some, as I’ve said, who have been deceived by their own hearts which have not been fully healed. There have been some things they thought would happen which have NOT happened, partly because it was their desire, but not the best I have for them. I am a Father Who wants to give the BEST for His children. I look for that special gift like you do for someone’s birthday to bless them with. I give gifts just because I love you, not because of your performance or the things you do.

I do reward diligent seeking. I do reward prayerfulness and communion. I do reward obedience. Some rewards come now, some come later, some come in eternity. But I see ahead all that is before you. I always do what is best for your CHARACTER development. Because if I gave you the gifts BEFORE your character was ready for them, you would be ruined by the gift. Just like when you indulge children too much, and they become spoiled and ungrateful. So I develop character through the things you go through, so that when you do get what I have for you, you will be faithful, and grateful.

I AM Wisdom. I AM understanding. So when you need these, you can call on Me, and I will give to you what you need to know….what is good for you. Some things need to be surprises. But soon, there will be such a communion, that so many things you thought you may never receive, will come to you in a moment. And your vision and perceptions of things will change. Your heart will be connected MORE fully to My heart as I come and destroy every stronghold that hinders you. I love you and cherish you as something sought after with great diligence and tenderness. YOU ARE MY OWN, MY LOVED ONES. I never will let you go or be unavailable. I am always here for you.

I always listen. I am ever seeking after you. So come, and learn more of ME, for I am in love with you My beloveds and I will increase that grace which helps you seek after ME, if you will ask for it ! I am ready to give you good things. So anticipate good things. Anticipate greater intimacy with ME, as you come in worship to ME ! The Bridegroom is knocking…unlatch the key of your hearts…”

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