Monday, May 11, 2009

The Time Is Short

Dear Saints,
On May 2nd, I posted another storm dream. It was within one month of the previous dream and the storm was closer.

Since posting that dream, I have received an interpretation which I believe is accurate. However, there are some issues that I'd like to review:
1. God promises to protect those who are His. Psalm 91, Psalm 23
2. This is a message to The Church to wake from her slumber. There are those in the church who are oblivious to the present times, and we are to warn The Church.
3. God warns us for our protection. Just as we watch the TV weather reports regarding approaching storm information for our protection, the Lord gives us warnings in the Spirit so that we are able to prepare and be about His Kingdom business and we make spiritual preparations.
4. The recurring message is this: THE TIME IS SHORT! I have heard this expressed through other ministries and prophetic words. Our pastor said the same to our congregation during his message yesterday. Saints, THE TIME IS SHORT! Saints, the Lord could return to rapture His Church at any moment. All has been fulfilled for the rapture of the Church to take place.
5. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. Therefore, our response is not be be fear, but to walk in the Spirit...warning the Church and sharing Jesus with the lost.

6. God states that the shaking of all things will happen, but that there is one thing that shall not be shaken - His Kingdom! (Hebrews 12:26b-29) And saints, we continue to look to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

The person through whom the Lord sent the dream interpretation is Sue Love, and I thank her for her allowing me to post what she sent. Her blog site is: and she posts her dreams and visions at:

~I was talking on the phone and looked out my back (south) window. Everything was calm around me at the time. The person on the phone was warning me about this storm. I couldn't tell from the stillness of the air. At first I had thought it was only black, thurnderstorm clouds, but the storm was so wide that I had to go outside to get a better view. ~It was then that I realized the magnitude of this horrendous, impending disaster - AN F-5 TORNADO! I knew I had to get down into the basement, but first had some work to do, and it had to be done quickly. I couldn't find one of my sons. Calling to my husband, I found him already in the basement, and joined him there. Our basement was stocked with supplies. ~All of a sudden, I heard the voice of my oldest son, and opened the sliding door above me to call out to him. He stood outside a friend's house talking to him; oblivious to the storm behind him. I warned him and then awoke.

"Oftentimes, talking on the phone has to do with communications with God, i.e. prayer. A window is often a symbol of revelation knowledge, so it could be that the Lord is showing you that is is Him revealing this to you as a result of your prayers to Him. God is definitely warning of a "storm" to come, but it could be in many different forms - financial, sichness, natural or unnatural disasters, war, tribulation and the one world order perhaps. Whatever it is, it is going to be of tremendous magnitude and it is going to take a lot of people by surprise because they are living at ease and don't think anything really bad is ever going to happen.

Air has to do with breath of life, so stillness can also mean that there is a deadness in the air spiritually speaking, which is why God is going to bring this "storm", i.e. this act of divine judgment against His people in order to wake them up spiritually. The work to do, I believe, is to tell as many people about Jesus. It has to be done quickly, because TIME IS REALLY SHORT (my caps).....

I believe the Lord is showing you that you need to warn the sons of our country; warn our brothers and sisters that God is going to judge America, that it is going to be widespread, beyond belief, and that TIME IS REALLY SHORT (my caps). God was having you warning your son in your dream and he was oblivious of the dangers ahead. This describes so much of America, even the church in America who has gotten lulled into sleep by the whole entertainment philosophy of how to do church. God is calling out for those who will stand up in these difficult times and will say "Yes" in being willing to warn as many as possible and to share Jesus with as many as possible before this "Storm" hits.".....

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