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This is a long entry today. It is so serious, and you may want to print it out. It has to do with how the Lord has been warning His Church about His impending judgment and being right with Him. Please know that this message is not written to one person(s) or group, but to The Body of Christ; for we all have a responsibility and an accountability to walk rightly and holy before the Lord. We will stand, individually, before the Judgment Seat of Christ. We are all called to work out our salvation with fear and trembling - not trusting in our flesh to do the work, but walking in His Truth and His Spirit.

Before we go on however, let me say this, I truly believe that for those who are truly in Christ, this is the Church’s finest hour…for the Lord promises in Isaiah 60 that when great darkness increases, then shall His light also increase. Also, be encouraged by Ps. 27:1 “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid.”

Many in the Body of Christ have either gone through the fire, been going through it or will go through it.

Why? It is preparation for what is to come. It is purging us of what is not of Him so that we will walk in the fullness of Christ. But with that comes also the tearing down of the Towers of Babel…places built by men to serve their own selfish purposes while all the time purporting to be from God. God has much to say about leaders who should be feeding the flock and instead feed themselves. We continue to see and hear this lust for earthly goods perpetrated in the “prosperity doctrine“. The prosperity doctrine in all of it’s various interpretations is the modern day Pied Piper of deceit leading God‘s people to the abyss. (See Ezek. 34) (We heard a pastor once say, “Wouldn’t you love to have so much money in the bank that you had to transfer it from one bank to the other?”….And I ask you, “Is this what God says our Christianity is all about?????!!!!!” GOD HAVE MERCY!….BUT HE’S SAYING: “Time’s Up!”

It was on Monday, Jan. 3, that I awoke at 5 AM to the following dream:

I “heard” my husband violently shaking the front door...because it was locked…

RATTLE! RATTLE! RATTLE!!!!...And then I "heard" Steve shout to me, "Crista! Crista! Crista!"

When I awoke, I really thought he was in the room with me and hadn't gone to work....It took me a little while to get oriented to the fact that he was not home....

Then, three days later on Jan. 6, ...I had another dream:

Steve and I were together and it was told to us that in 5 weeks (Feb. 10th) my retirement benefits would expire....I panicked...and Steve said, "We will have to trust in the Lord to provide."

Both of these dreams indicate His grace (5 AM and 5 wks)...and He's been earnestly trying to get His wife's attention, but she's been asleep. At first, the door was locked so He had to violently shake it open to get our attention...and then once in, He will be shouting to wake up His Bride....

The “5 wks and your retirement benefits are over” have to do, I believe, with the fact that He's saying His time of grace (number 5) is done....He's given The Church time to acknowledge her sins, repent and turn from their wicked ways (2 Chron. 7:14-16)...but now He's saying, "TIME‘S UP!".…

And in the following dream the Lord through my friend, Connie, He is speaking directly to leaders in the Church, because He holds leaders more accountable. See posting:

We have seen and will continue to see the Lord’s exposure of dirt and filth within leadership.

It is His Word which states that that which is done in darkness will be brought to light. (John 3:20-21)

We know that God is merciful. He gives us time and time and time again to repent and walk rightly before Him. But when His mercy is continuously met with a rebellious heart, then there comes a time for His firm line in the sand to be drawn…And His firm line is termed “Judgment”….

2 Peter 4:17-18 “For the time [has arrived] for judgment to begin with the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will [be] the end of those who do not respect or believe or obey the good news (the Gospel) of God? And if the righteous are barely saved, what will become of the godless and wicked? [Prov. 11:31]

Now where is our Hope in all of this? It is in His righteousness…His holiness….allowing His Spirit to live and move and having His fullness in and through us; His vessels. Do we stand before Him in confidence; that our hearts do not condemn us? Or do we stand before Him knowing that we have been walking in rebellion? Are we seeking to justify our sin? Or are we asking Him to purge us of our sin? Do we want to be seen as holy and righteous before Him….or do we want to go out and partake of the filth and seek my own justification? Do we want to walk in the fruit of the Spirit….or the lusts of the flesh? Do we pray, “Lord, THY will be done, no matter what!”….Or do we pray, “Lord, this is what’s right for me…I know what’s best…Now, You do it.”

Beloved, hear the Word of the Lord:

Romans 13:11-14 “Besides this you know what [a critical] hour this is, how it is high time now for you to wake up out of your sleep (rouse to reality). For salvation (final deliverance) is nearer to us now than when we first believed (adhered to, trusted in, and relied on Christ, the Messiah). The night is far gone and the day is almost here. Let us then drop (fling away) the works and deeds of darkness and put on the (full) armor of light. Let us live and conduct ourselves honorably and becomingly as in the [open light of] day, not in reveling (carousing) and drunkenness, not in immorality and debauchery (sensuality and licentiousness), not in quarreling and jealousy, but clothe yourself with the Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah) and make no provision for [indulging] the flesh [put a stop to thinking about the evil cravings of your physical nature] to [gratify its] desires (lusts).”

Determine this day….As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord! (Joshua 24:15)….For we are the house/the temple of the Living God.

I’ve included another dream and word received from the Lord from 2007 and 2008 that are appropriate to this message.

DREAM: House About to Be Brought Down:
Walking through this huge house which had the appearance of being very expensive, but in looking at the high ceiling I noticed that it appeared almost like a hard jell (one would think initially that it was glass), because it began to sag. Through the "jell" one could see all this crud crushing down upon the ceiling. Over to the left, one area gave way and a black trash bag emptied its contents of filthy clothes (rags) onto the floor. I watched as the high ceiling began to bulge even more from the weight of the junk piled high between the roof and the ceiling (that which was not visible to the eye). ~I was thankful that I was not in the market to purchase this home...but just going through it and looking....and I saw all that was about to "fall". ~Then I was in the basement of this same house (I think).....and I saw this older man (60-ish) doing something like working w/ tools....and then he made a comment about eating these white, fat snake-like things; kind of like "well, they're not to bad once you get used to them"....and not realizing that they were gross and NOT to eat them! And the basement was dark and slimy with bugs and snake things running around.

This is the condition of many churches today, and a soon coming "cave in" to the present "system"; people eating things that they have been programmed to believe are "good" for them when in reality they're harmful. The condition of this "house" was that the whole structure was about to collapse upon itself, because of what it had laid upon itself. It was its own "stuff" that was about to create the collapse. All the "stuff" is man's creation and the yokes put upon the sheep. They are the "programs" created by man in the name of the Lord to give the appearance of elegance and that all is right with the church, but in the end, they are responsible for its demise.

1/2/08 "Great Change Is Coming"
"Life as you know it is going to change. You are very comfortable right now, but I tell you the truth, Great Change Is Coming. I AM shaking all that can be shook. I AM shaking men's hearts. Who will trust Me to carry them through? Have I not said that judgment shall begin in the House of God first? Do not be surprised by what you shall see before you. I AM God! And men shall once again revere and fear My Name! Men shall fall on their faces before me. Yes, I am full of grace, mercy and compassion. BUT I AM ALSO THE RIGHTEOUS JUDGE! My wrath have I reserved for those whom I have warned and yet have not heeded My warning! My wrath have I reserved for those shepherds who've abused My flock for their own gain; for greed in My Church is an abomination before Me. My compassion do I pour out on the unbeliever. Have I not said it is better to have a millstone hung around your neck and be thrown into the sea than to cause one of these little ones to stumble? When those who are called by My Name cause the unbeliever, the little ones, the one whose faith is miniscule, to stumble because of their selfish greed, then My wrath is stirred!!
Then, I must take action where there is no repentance. I AM long-suffering, but enough is enough. I have seen the suffering of My People and the greed of the shepherds - the very ones who've been called to lay down their lives for My Sheep, and it causes Me to vomit! It is an abomination before Me! Think not that I do not see for My eyes roam to and fro throughout the earth to see if there is one righteous man/woman. Oh yes, there are many in My sight who are righteous, but it is not the ones who've been flaunted and do now flaunt themselves across the TV screen. Have I not said that I exalt the humble, but bring low the proud?
The proud are about to be brought low - in one sweep of My Mighty Right Hand. (In my spirit, I see God's hand sweep from left to right over America - from the southernmost tip of CA to the southernmost tip of FL.)
There are those who commit adultery with the world. My Church leaders have committed fornication with the political systems of the world! Take heed lest you fall! The time of My warnings have ended. Now, I shall bring vengeance upon those who have raped My Sheep for their own selfish gain and called it of Me."
(Ezek. 34:1-22, 1 Peter 3:12, 4:17-18, 5:2-3, 5-6, 2 Chron. 16:9, Matt. 18:6, Ps. 33:18, 34:15, Is. 65:11-15.

Over the month of December (2008) I have been receiving multiples of 7's in groups of 3's (Gifts of 21 candles total in Dec., Dinner bill of $17.77 and car odometer 166,777) I continue to seek the Lord for His message to me about this.

Be blessed in all ways as our hearts turn to Him.

Ever yours in Christ,


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