Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some Days I'm the Mouse, But He's Still There!

Well, I just couldn't resist sharing this photo with you, because this truly depicts my week and the reason why I haven't posted any blogs for awhile. A friend just sent this to me. I have felt like the mouse...but underneath - which is the spoon (The Lord!) awaited my landing....He's My Rock, even though life throws me up in the air, He's still there! And I might add that I'm a cat I'm not sayin' nothin' 'bout the cat and why he's got his widdo puddy tat paw on the handle of the spoon!

I thought maybe we'd have some fun - in the midst of our trials...If you were to choose one experience which has happened in your life that threw you up in the air, what would it be? (I know, we all can just sit there numb at times, with the barage of challenges over the years through which the Lord's brought us! I mean, how do you choose just one???!!!!) But then, how did the Lord let you know that underneath were His everlasting arms, and that He's your Rock through it all?

Personally, I had a situation where I just plain needed a God sized answer, and preferably, sooner rather than later!!! You know how things go from bad to very bad to worse to worser? OK...then you've got the picture!

I want you to know that within 24 hours, the Lord TOTALLY turned the situation 180 degrees!! It was totally God. A friend called me, asked how I was doing and through tears, I blubbered "Rotten." She shared what the Lord had been doing to prepare her for our conversation and she prayed with me....and we waited. I'm telling you, I had no idea which way things might go...and that evening, HIS ANSWER!!!! Praise God!

Just want to encourage your heart that at the lowest (or in this case - highest) point of our "worser", God is there! He hears and it is His heart's desire to answer! ~And even though some days we go a flyin', He's still there! Love you!
~Trust Him!....And while you're waiting for His answer, I pray He sends someone to just love on you and hold you up in prayer.
"There is no one like the God of Jeshurun, who rides the heavens to help you, and in His excellency on the clouds. The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms; He will thrust out the enemy from before you, and will say "Destroy!"" Deut. 33:26-27


  1. Oh, mercy. There have been a bunch of times God has caught me but one time I particularly love is when we desperately, desperately needed new residents at the Lodge. It was a really bad time and Crista, you and I had been praying our guts out.

    An older gentleman and his son came into the Lodge and the son said they were there for a room. His dad had a grocery bag in his hand that contained his jammies and undies for the night. The son asked if it would be ok to fill out the paperwork and bring the rest of his father's things the next day. At first I thought they were joking but they were very serious. I stammered out a "yes," the son wrote me a check and that's how one of the sweetest men we've ever taken care of came to stay at the Lodge.

    To use one of Kerri's favorite sayings, GOD ROCKS! :)

  2. We prayed our guts out about a lot of things, didn't we, Leigh...and God! Hallelujah!!! HE IS FAITHFUL!!! Love you! ~C :>)


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