Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1 Cor. 1:27 and Susan Boyle

~Have you seen her yet? Susan Boyle from "Britain's Got Talent 2009" on YouTube! (The Brit's version of America Idol, and it comes complete with Simon!) This clip is making the rounds like wild fire - and rightfully so!
~I must tell you that sometimes, the only way to define extraordinary is through tears.
~What a powerful example of 1 Corinthians 1:27..."[No] for God selected (deliberately chose) what in the world is foolishness to put the wise to shame, and what the world calls weak to put the strong to shame.
~Now, for all dial-up users, like me...this will take time. Please wait for it. I promise - you will be stunned!
~So the next time you wonder if God can use you...maybe Susan Boyle's experience will encourage you to be all God has ordained for you to be in Christ - before the creation of the world!
~Be blessed!

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  1. Watched it. Loved it. Cried. Stuff like that just gets me.


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