Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You Have Been Crucified with Me

~So, if you were with me on yesterday's post, then you read "Lazarus Come Forth"....You can only imagine my JOY in reading the following prophetic word I received through another ministry this morning!!!! I'm telling you, God WILL confirm that which He indeed, truly wants us to know and understand! That is His love, mercy, compassion, long-suffering and goodness to us. WE ARE TRULY BLESSED OF THE LORD~ Ephesians 1:3.

"You Have Been Crucified With Me"
Susan Cummings
In The Image Of His Glory Ministries
Penfield, NY 14526
www.intheimageofhisglory.com -
April 17, 2009
Child, you must realize that there is much that you have yet to understand about why I have prolonged your preparation and your emergence. With all that I have allowed to come upon you and to thoroughly try you, even in those hours of the deepest pain, I still had much joy as I watched you struggle to yield to Me. I know your heart and your deep desire to break free and to walk closer to me. I see your progress and I have noted your determination to establish My ways even more. For this I have waited. For this I have longed.

I have desired that you would remove the final barrier to the knowledge of the depths of My Heart. As you have begun to shed the last areas, you have begun to notice the new life that has begun to flow within your being. This is as it should be. For this is only the beginning of the transformation. I have awaited this hour, when My People would begin the transformation, and walk in My Reality. Such has been your awakening, and travail. But, Child, it has seemed to you that all of the waiting has been to no avail.

Oh, but you do not see what I see. You do not see what I have waited for, and what I have labored for, I have brought forth My Image within you. I have worked My work within you, it seemed to you that you had lost all identity. That you had lost all purpose, and strength. That you had lost all ability to function and to produce. And you were right, I brought you to the end. You have been crucified with Me. Now I can bring forth all that I have desired for you to now be.
Even in your struggles and in your tears, I worked. When you were screaming within and smiling outside for others, I knew the truth. I worked on. I watched as the days passed into weeks, and the weeks into months, and the months into years. Yet even in the passing of time, you pressed deeper into Me, and I reached deeper into your being setting you free. Child, I have given you the victory. I have removed the last wall in which you have repeatedly tried to scale on your own. I brought you to the end, so that now I could radiate fully from within. This is where My finest work will now transcend.

There is no depth into which I cannot see or into which I cannot bring forth total liberty, as I know what lies beneath and what men do not see. Your journey will reflect that which I do best. So, lay aside the concern for your current state and know that I am never late. I have brought you to the final gate and this will usher in what I have begun to divinely orchestrate. Do not judge by the outward appearances as there is much that will be swept away with the emergence of My New and Living Way. My Word was released concerning you, and that which has been prolonged according to My Hand, will now enlarge and greatly expand.

Much has been misunderstood and falsely determined by mere human reasoning's and opinions. But as I bring forth the radiant Glory, even the wisest amongst men will see that there is no depth to their human carnality. Even when men crucified me openly, they did not understand the depth nor the purpose that the Father had for them, as it was wrought within Me. So, now you understand that reality, for I have brought you to death in your humanity, so that now you can walk in My Resurrection Reality. I have brought you to completion, and now you will emerge as My friend, one in whom I can trust and also to lend. There is much for us to share now that I have removed the final cares and I am eager to make you fully aware of that which will now cause you to climb the golden stairs.

Look within and see the fullness of My Light that radiates within thee. I have wrought a great work and now I am emerging from within you and also through you as a reflection of Me. Oh, that more of Mine would be desire to be fully crucified with me, for then I could work My Great Work and establish My Reality Radiantly. Even so, I will show you My Faithfulness as I finish My Final touches and you will rejoice and break forth as My Radiance greatly rushes. Set your heart upon My Word and set your Feet upon My Path, for you know the Way that I have shown unto you would come, everything is ready, and the Fanning of My Radiant Glory has now begun. But men have no where in which to run. Yet, My Spirit calls out to those who will transform. It is time for your Radiant Garments to be worn.


  1. Is this not the loving faithfulness of Our Father! ~Big Hug to you, Kerri! :>)


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